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Elio is a company that our customers can be assured that their enquiries will be dealt with professionally and effectively, this always has been our strength and we will always try to provide our customers with the service that they expect.



The company is an O.E.M and is aimed at providing high quality products and engineered solution to support the industry that the company operates in.

Our product line has been known in the market to be the best, the best in quality and in pricing structure, we promote South African products to support our Country and we also provide to our customers imported products that is needed to support their business. Elio Electro Technology employs a team of qualified Electrical engineers as well sales and marketing, we also have agents in the Cape town and Natal.

Elio is trusted by its customers. Customers’ Enquiries will be professionally and effectively dealt. Elio is well known for their professionalism, expertise and knowledge in the technology and the industry and will guarantee exceptional service to its customers.



As we continue to meet new global challenges, our innovative problem-solving tactics evolve. We listen, observe, anticipate, and act differently with the goal of creating new custom solutions.



Our Commitment means doing our best to meet and exceed our clients expectations by providing solutions that create value and improve the sustainability of operations to improve your company and its expectations from your clients.

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